Pre-Operative Instructions

What You Should Do Before Periodontal or Dental Implant Surgery

Periodontal and dental implant surgery are comfortable procedures. Please dress comfortably for your appointment.

You will be able to drive yourself home after surgery. Please do not ride a bicycle or walk all the way to and from the office as we do not want you to over-exert yourself after surgery.

Unless it is prescribed by your physician, do not take medicine containing aspirin for one week before your surgery. Please take any other prescribed medications (such as those for blood pressure and diabetes) as you would normally. If Dr. Hoang has ordered medical lab tests, be sure to have the results faxed to our office. If you take a “blood thinner” (e.g. Coumadin), have one of the usual blood tests for your Prothrombin Time (Pro Time or PT) 1-3 days before your surgery. Your appointment will have to be scheduled accordingly with your physician. Some modification of your medication by your treating physician may also be necessary.

Pain Medication
You will be prescribed medications for your comfort at your surgical appointment. In some cases, these will be given to you by our office. In other cases, Dr. Hoang will write a prescription for you to get the medications at your local pharmacy.

Along with your prescriptions you will be given a consent form(s). These will be presented to you at your appointment. If you have questions after reading the consent forms, Dr. Hoang will address all of your concerns. 

You will be given a local anesthetic (“Novocaine”) and you will be able to drive home. It will be safe for you to have normal meals before your surgery. This is especially important if you are diabetic.

Other Medications
If prescribed, take your sedative medicines 1 hour before your surgery. Someone else must drive you to and from the office if you take a sedative. You cannot drive yourself, take a taxi, use the bus or walk home unescorted.

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